Building a Portal of Tokyo Night Life

We believe that night life is one of the most enjoyable part of the life for many people.
You spend a fun time with your partner, friends, families, and people you meet.

Now we are surrounded by many services that lets you find some places to go.
We can find literally thousands of restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, and many other kinds.

So, what would be a criteria for “good” one?

We believe that the most important factor is “people”.
People gathering at the place create a vibe, building a characteristic environment.

We are building a portal for Tokyo night life that focuses on people, not on general specs such as menu, price, and etc.

We hope you to find a “good” place here.

Our Team


  • Founder, Designer, Engineer
  • Tokyo / London Based
  • 😍: Programming, Tattoo, Gym
  • 😰: Celery
  • Daiki spent his career in various industries such as creative agency, startup, and global consulting firm. Throughout his career, he has been consistently in charge of the role that bridges design, tech and business. Looks serious on the surface but funny inside.


  • Founder, Film Maker, Skater
  • Tokyo / NY Based
  • 😍: Skating, Beer, Gym
  • 😰: Injury
  • Throughout his career, Manato has been making films inspired by street culture such as fashion, skating, and music. His works cover wide range of genere from electro music video to surrealistic short film. Nice easy going dude.