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Kichijoji is often ranked high in Tokyo's most livable town ranking. The first spot (Tetchan) is located in "Harmonica Yokocho", which is a famous bar district with over 100 stores in the small area. Iseya, the second spot, is a yakitori izakaya with a very long history. (It started in 1928!!)
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More About This Area

Kichijoji is located in western part of Tokyo and it takes about 15~20 minutes from Shinjuku station, one of the most busiest terminal junction in the world.
Kichijoji is known for a very large park called “Inokashira Park” and also ranked very high in Tokyo’s most-desirable-place-to-live list.
It has very unique atmosphere of the mixture of old and new culture. There’re are quite few authentic izakaya (Japanese pub) and cafe full of local residents.


1-1-2 Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino, Tokyo

Category Yakitori Bar
Phone 0422205950
Website Blog >
Average Price ¥2,000~¥2,999
Opening Hour 15:00~23:00
Non-Working Day Open every day
Sample Prices Beer: ¥569, Sake: ¥450~, Chicken Thigh: ¥130, Chicken Liver: ¥130, Pork Belly: ¥130

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1-2-1 Gotenyama, Musashino, Tokyo

Category Yakitori Izakaya
Phone 0422471008
Website Tabelog >
Average Price ¥2,000~¥2,999
Opening Hour 12:00~22:00
Non-Working Day Tuesday
Sample Prices Beer: ¥500, Highball: ¥400, Assorted Yakitori (4 skewers): ¥360, Sashimi: ¥800, Edamame: ¥300

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2-11-3 Kichijoji-minamicho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

Category Cafe
Phone 0422290711
Website Official Site (JP only) >
Average Price ¥1,000~¥2,000
Opening Hour 11:00〜24:00 LO23:00
Non-Working Day Open every day
Sample Prices Coffee: ¥450, Grapefruit Sour: ¥650, Cheese Omlet: ¥550, Fish & Chips: ¥480, Cheese Burger: ¥860

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